Can't Sell your business, then speak to 'MyChocolate'

Q.Who needs this service?

A. Small business owners, wanting to sell but unable to get the price they want or to find a serious buyer.

Q. What can Chocolate Money do to assist?

A. Getting expert advice on how to present your business will dramatically assist in selling it.

Q. What sort of guidance will I get?

A. Guidance on presenting your business from a Financial perspective, Marketing and operational sense.

Q. How much will it cost?


A. $1000 for an analysis of your business and the production of a report on how to best represent your business for sale.





Many small business owners wanting to sell their business are not aware of the best way to do this.  They don’t understand the key drivers for people who are looking to purchase a business.  Small business’ rarely go beyond the individual who started the business.


Therfore, once the business owner is no longer involved, the business is somewhat worthless.


My Chocolate is designed to help small businesses prepare their business for sale. 


This may involve:

-                     Setting up or reviewing brand, image and logo

-                     Establishing a method of operation,  processes and procedures

-                     Provide guidance on presenting the financial results of the business favourably


This service is designed to provide assistance for small business owners who:

1.                  Have been trying unsuccessfully to sell their small business

2.                  Have been unable to get the price they would like for their small business


3.                  Don’t know how to best prepare their business to be sold.




Initial Consultation is $1000


Each project will get quoted according to its requirements.


Business Advice

Chocolate Consultancy exists to help small to medium business achieve their business goals.

Harry Pontikis and Richard Tegoni are the two Business Consultants advising clients on the way to achieve their stated goals.

Both have a history of working for large corporations, smaller businesses and are the current Directors of the Chocolate Money Group.

For a fee of $5,000 you will have the experience of these impressive people to help you and your business.

They will help you achieve your goals by:

1. Analysing the historical and current situation.
2. Clarifying the desired outcomes of the business.
3. Recommending the best way to achieve the stated objectives.
4. Providing the solution to implementing the recommendations.



Chocolate Money in conjunction with Master Builders Business Advice Service is designed to help you better manage and develop your building business.


The experienced team will work closely with you in addressing the day to day problems associated with operating your building business.

Master Builders Business Advice will help you grow your business by providing the following services:

Give your business the edge; plan your future with solid business advice

Products and services

Business coaching

  • A formal and structured approach to business coaching,
  • Establishing and reviewing goals,
  • Analyzing strengths and weaknesses
  • Providing practical solutions to problems

Business growth and development strategies

  • Increasingly, fast-growing building businesses find themselves “out of control”.
  • We provide the support and infrastructure to help you manage your growth whilst maintaining profitability.

Image brand and development

Are you visible? Are you getting noticed? Do you need a fresh approach? Is your image stale?

To compete successfully in business today, you must have a brand that appeals to prospective customers – a brand that projects and looks professional – it makes all the difference. We have the experts to create a stunning new brand to re-vamp your existing brand.

Book keeping and accounting

Is your business in a shoe box?

The Business advice consultant’s compromise experienced book-keepers and accountants, who can get the financial side of your business “in order”. The GST environment is her to stay and so is computer based accounting... and it’s not that hard.

Web site design and management

Are you always available to you customers? Are you getting your message across?

Can a builder really get the message across in today’s internet environment without having a web site? Like the brand, a web site is very important in creating a first impression – immediately. We have specialist building web site designers who can create an impressive web site as surprising low cost.

Financial Management

Working alongside Chocolate Money (T/a Master Builders Financial Services) we are able to help with:

  • cash flow challenges within the business
  • debt structuring
  • purchasing stock, equipment cars
  • purchasing properties
  • fund developments and constructions
  • helping you sell your developments
  • ensuring your personal finances are correctly structured

Business health check

Take two minutes to rate yourself and the overall performance of your business. Rate yourself HONESTLY, between 1 and 10, on the amount of time and effort you devote to the following key areas of your business.

Goal Setting and business planning

Do you have short medium or long term goals? Do you have someone who can help your business grow?

Business Image

Do you have a recognizable brand? Do you know how effective your advertising is?

Use of technology

Do you have email? Do you have a web site and a computer based accounting system?

Training / Recruitment

How much effort do you put into finding and training good people?

Financial Performance monitoring

What controls do you have over your financial data? Do you understand cash flow movement?

Marketing and promotion

Are you an innovative marketer? Do you have a marketing plan?

Monitoring the competition

Do you know how you compare on price, service and quality with your immediate competition?

Customer Service

How much thought and attention do you give to providing real customer service?

Personal Development

How many CPD points have you accumulated this year? How much time do you put aside?

MY SCORE (Add up the total of each question)

If you scored 80 or more, you are doing pretty well. Go and have a drink.
If you scored between 60 – 80, you’re doing ok but there’s clearly plenty of room for improvement.
If you scored less than 60 pick up the phone and call MBAV right now!

To find out more about Master Builders Business Advice or Financial services call 9411 4555.


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