Tips on what to consider when choosing your home

If you’re buying a property to live in, then your needs and desires will dictate what you buy – coupled of course with what you can afford. Therefore, it’s important to spend some time weighing up what’s really important to you. These are some things to take into consideration when shopping:

Light & Space

Keep an eye out for sunlight and quality design that creates a sense of space. Feeling good in a room is essential when it’s your home and space and light go a long way towards achieving this.

Close to amenities

Everyone differs on how close they like to be to shops, transports and whether they are happy driving or would prefer walking. Are schools relevant?

Kitchen and bathroom

These 2 areas have the potential of making or breaking a house. Keep in mind that families with young children will want a bath whilst young couples may be more interested in a top notch kitchen – where do you fit in?


Did you need to park in a garage or car park or will you care if your car is left on the street? Ensure you investigate the availability of parking at various times of the day. Also consider if you have visitors and whether there is enough room for them to park. The type of car you drive may also influence this decision as well as the possibility of vandalism or hoons in the area.

Number of bedrooms

The size of your family, the number of visitors you expect to stay with you and the lifestyle you intend to lead will often dictate how many bedrooms you look for.

A single bedroom dwelling is usually only good for an individual or a close couple. Two bedrooms usually attract a young couple who may use the second bedroom as either storage or for the occasional visitors or parents who stay over. A three bedroom house suits the vast majority of people – catering for all stages of people’s lives.


Over time, this can become an essential area. Do you have a lot of clothes, bed linen, bikes or work equipment that needs storage? Keep an eye out for built in robes, wardrobes, hidden cupboards, attic space or even storage areas in car parks.


Views enhance the experience of living in a house or apartment. Keep in mind what view you will be looking at and whether there are issues with this. Also keep in mind what your neighbour’s will be looking at and whether this would become an issue for you too – i.e. whether they can see into your backyard or your bedrooms or living areas.

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