Building and Development Finance

Building and development finance is a specialised field of lending and should be trusted only to the most experienced Credit Advisor; this is not something which should be left with a banker or mortgage broker.

Chocolate Money has been the exclusive provider of builders, developers and Members of the Master Builders Association since 2003.  Our Credit Advisors are the most experienced in Australia and are the recipients of numerous awards.

Tips when considering construction and building finance:

  1. Rate is not everything - keeping yourself safe from the control of the lender is paramount.  Banks usually ask for more than they need regarding property securing the loan and even taking charges over your business.  Giving Director's guarantees as well as personal guarantees is also a risky strategy.
  2. Understand how and when the lender intends to make its profit.  Be aware that some non-standard construction finance lenders count on you not repaying the loan on time and have fees in place which double your costs and significantly reduce the profit in your project.
  3. Ensure an experienced Credit Advisor is orchestrating all your finances and has set-up when and how to move your finances from one lender to the cheaper lender when appropriate.  An exist strategy is usually as critical as the application for the construction finance.
  • If you are in the building industry and require financing a project or funding your business, call Chocolate Money on 1300 137 539.


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