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Chocolate Money has a dedicated team which specialises in Construction and Development finance. The process our team will follow is:

  1. Fact finding consultation - we will understand your immediate needs and overall outcomes of the project
    1. We will also understand how this project and the funding fits into your overall plan
  2. We will research the 'appetite' of various lenders for your project, conditions, terms, structure and pricing
  3. We will recommend the most appropriate lending facility & lender; Taking into consideration the terms as well as fees, charges and conditions.
  4. We will wait for your approval to proceed and your engagement of our services to be exclusive.
  5. We will collect any supporting documentation and help you present your application in the best manner
  6. We will Submit the application to the lender on your behalf
  7. We will attempt to further negotiate more favourable pricing and terms
  8. We will continue to act as an intemediatory between the lender, you as the client, the valuers, solicitors and everyone else involved in the process until drawdown or settlement.
  9. We will will continue to communciate with you throughout the project to ensure the facility is functioning as it's meant to and iron out any issues
  10. We will start researching 'take out' funding if you plan to sell or whether the construction facility is the most appropriate loan for your project if you plan to hold on to it.


There is no fee for initial consultations. We need to ascertain the viability of the proposition and you need to be comfortable with us handling your finances. After our initial fact finding meeting, we will do some research and give you an indication as to whether we can place your project with a funder and an indication of the terms, fees and charges.

If after the initial meeting, you choose not to accept the recommendations or services made by Chocolate's Commercial Lending team, there is no cost to you. If you decide to proceed, we will clearly outline any fees which may be payable and what they are for. In some cases, lenders will pay Chocolate a part of the application fee and in other instances, brokerage may be charged where there are no fees payable to Chocolate Money by the lender.

This structure ensures our team is focussed on finding you the most appropriate and competitive lending facility for your project rather than factoring commissions into the equation.

Commercial loans are either Interest Only Loans or Principal and Interest Loans secured by way of a first or a second mortgage over income - producing commercial, industrial or retail properties.

Finance is normally taken out to assist in the purchase or refinance of a property, for the purchase of other business assets or to provide funds for working capital requirements.

Interest only loans are to terms of 5 years and the rate can be either interest only variable or interest only fixed.

Principle and Interest reducing loans terms are structured over terms of up to fifteen years.

The interest payments may be tax deductible but please ask your tax advisor.

Loans can be secured to a maximum of 80% of the value of the property however loans to 66% of valuation normally attract a lower rate of interest.

Commercial Finance is a very specialised field and people should be wary of brokers promoting themselves as Commercial Brokers.

DISCLAIMER: None of the information provided has been tailored to suit your situation. For tailored and relevant information for your situation, please call Chocolate on 1300 137 539.

Working Capital Loans

These loans are required to assist in the growth of a business which can be affected by the slow payment of debtors. These loans can be funded in a number of ways.

Debtor or Factoring Loans

These loans are secured by debtors or outstanding trade invoices to 80% of the value of those invoices and funds are usually available within 24 hours. Instead of waiting up to 60 days for payment of these invoices you can get the money when you need it because your financing is linked to your sales and trade invoices, not to your customers payment problems.

Commercial Equipment Finance Loans

This Loan facility allows you to access the equity in you equipment and invest it back into your business.

New Construction Loan Available

If there is a licensed builder's contract, council approval / permit and builders risk insurance in a company's name they will be treated as a normal construction loan not an owner builder (even if it's the builders own investment property) – very competitive interest rates apply.

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