Credit Impaired Based Rural Lending - no longer available

Loan Purpose:

  • Investment & Business Purposes Only / Unregulated – a declaration will be required to this effect
  • Property Purchase
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Refinance
  • Working Capital
  • Farm Improvements

Maximum Loan Amount:

$5M or 50% LVR – Capitalised interest must be contained within this LVR if required

Minimum Loan Amount:

$200,000 or 50% LVR

Interest Rate:

Rates quoted on a case by case basis

Serviceability Evidence:

Assessed on Accountants letter and Cashflow Forecast


Up to Two (2) years interest only – however must have a clear exit strategy

Acceptable Security:

Rural on Eastern Seaboard for 1st party mortgage/borrowers. Company Applicants are also acceptable.


Interest Only monthly in arrears available or Principal and Interest


Will be required on all loans, as instructed by the investor/ mortgage manager – no re-assignments accepted. Valuation Fees will be payable by the borrower upon acceptance of the Prospective Approval Indication.


Each property must be insured for an adequate amount against damage or loss on a replacement basis by an acceptable insurer.

Unacceptable Securities:

  • Security that is not 1st Mortgage
  • Specialised farming operations
  • Leasehold property
  • Heritage Listed Property
  • Contaminated Sites
  • Remote or Unfavorable property


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